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Making scientific writing easier to read is one of the highest leverage things we can do for the world. Think of all the essential knowledge that doesn’t spread because of bad writing.


My career is driven by one insight. Writing on the internet give you massive leverage. Here’s why: Demand for quality content far exceeds the supply of it. Sharing ideas attracts kind and intelligent people. Some will become business partners. And others, lifelong friends.


Why writing is an essential skill: 1) Remote work will shift communication from voice to text. 2) Almost every successful person spends a lot of time writing. 3) Leverage: Anybody can publish ideas, and they can now spread to every corner of the globe. We are all writers now.


My rules for working: 1) Solve problems other people aren’t solving. 2) Leverage the internet. 3) Share as much knowledge as possible. 4) Make two people proud: your 8-year old self and your 80-year old self. 5) The best partners have talents that look like magic to you.


A freakishly large number of the smartest people I know studied debate. I like how much they focus on how ideas are framed instead of jumping to conclusions. Instead of moving individual pieces, they create the rules of the game because that’s the highest leverage thing to do.


Two things I believe: 1) In a capitalist world, improving how capital is allocated will have a huge downstream impact. 2) Too many of the smartest people I know allocate capital for a living, and society would be better if they built things instead.


As you gain leverage, good judgement replaces work ethic as the ultimate virtue


Sharing your ideas in public is the best way to leverage your thinking. Once you create something, your ideas take on a life of their own. People can build upon them and access your best thinking 24/7, 365 days per year.


Prestigious universities are trying to become vocational schools, but they should double down on their comparative advantage — the Liberal Arts

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