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Lessons from different fields: 1) Advertising: We overestimate our capacity for independent thought. 2) Poker: Life is probabilistic. We can do everything right and still lose. 3) Architecture: We're influenced by our environment, especially when we don’t realize it.


Personal beliefs: 1. The world is extremely inefficient. There is low-hanging fruit everywhere. 2. People don’t learn from history. Study the greats. Find simple lessons. Copy the best stuff. 3. When in doubt, don’t blame individual people. Blame the incentives of the system.


Here's what I've learned about launching online products. 1. Give tons of free stuff away. The Internet rewards people who teach. Share your best ideas for free, and you will attract an audience of like-minded people. Build an audience before you launch your first product.


I've learned a lot from Peter Thiel. In particular, I admire his ability to bet on people. He surrounds himself with driven people with bold beliefs about the world. Then, he empowers them with money, attention, and encouragement. The ultimate node in a network of ambition.


If you want to see the future of marketing, study YouTubers. Three lessons: 1) Collaborations are an efficient way to grow your audience. 2) Audiences are drawn to enthusiasm like moths to a flame. 3) The internet rewards people who are prolific. Publish consistently.


I've been practicing my observation skills for years. Here's what I've learned about becoming a better observer: Write every day. The writing habit makes the world come to life. Every moment, from the mundane to the miraculous, becomes a potential future sentence.


What I’ve learned by teaching writing: 1) Writers block is easy to fix. You need a note-taking system and people to talk about ideas with. 2) Student satisfaction increases as they pay more. 3) The most successful students write every day and publish once per week.


I’ve lived in three places: 1) New York taught me to work harder. 2) San Francisco taught me to think bigger. 3) North Carolina taught me to slow down sometimes and appreciate life.


What I've learned about online education: 1) People don't just want information. They want inspiration, friendship, and accountability. 2) Self-paced courses don't usually work because transformative learning can only happen with a group of peers.


Lessons from more than 100 podcast interviews: 1) Talk to people about things they don’t usually talk about. 2) Prepare enough to ask good questions but little enough to be surprised. 3) People reveal their emotions in the beat of their breath and the dance of their eyes.


Important lesson from teaching an online course: Compliments transform behavior. Compliments light people up. They inspire us to work harder and take action. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Compliments are an easy way to make the world a better place.


Publishing a 15,000-word essay next week. Here’s what I learned writing it: 1) Great essays make claims that are surprising in the moment but obvious in retrospect. 2) Hold the reader’s hand. Tell them what you’re gonna tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.

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