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Bet on companies that become verbs. • “Let me Google it” • “Pass me a Kleenex” • “I need some Bubble Wrap” • “Don’t forget the Thermos” • “Just bought some Chapstick” Becoming a standard part of English is the original network effect.


If I ran an investment fund, I’d have a simple thesis: • People are increasingly willing to pay for productivity software. • Online learning is about to explode because we’re losing faith in the traditional college system. • It’s becoming easier to monetize social capital.


Investors are becoming celebrities, celebrities are becoming entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs are becoming investors


To future entrepreneurs: start writing online. No matter what kind of company you want to start, it pays to have a smart and targeted audience. Writing will help you build credibility, meet investors, and find future co-founders. Invest in your future


Investment memos are a 10/10 marketing strategy. • Teaching is an excellent way to build trust with current and future customers. • Transparency attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. Warren Buffett has been writing yearly letters since 1965. Brilliant.


Good ideas I heard today: 1) Being an investor is as close as you can get to academia in the business world. 2) Extreme pessimism and extreme optimism paradoxically converge to doing nothing. 3) The key to a successful partnership is shared values and complementary skillsets.


Invest in your friendships. As the world changes faster and faster, you need friends to help you navigate the future. The future is hard to predict. And friends who help each other have a huge advantage. You and your friends are like CARTOGRAPHERS — mapping out the future.


Online teachers will become investors. Teachers will break even on education, and make money by investing in their pipeline of students who want to start companies.


In a recession, bet on companies with a high fun-to-price ratio. Examples: • Disney • Netflix • Nintendo If they sell accomplishment, achievement, and flow state for cheap, they’ll be recession proof. Cheap. Convenient. Fun.


People love to talk about compound interest on their investments, but the same principle applies to writing in public. Every year, your ideas can spread and grow in value at a faster and faster rate.

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