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"The Writing Guy". He tweet about business, online learning, and Internet writing.

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The online course arbitrage. People will pay $10-20 for a book, but those same people will pay $1,000-2,000 for the same information in a live video format. The lesson: People want more than information. They also want inspiration, accountability and friends to learn with.


Few things will inspire you like a specific compliment from somebody you admire. It's amazing... one sentence can carry you for years.


What I've learned about online education: 1) People don't just want information. They want inspiration, friendship, and accountability. 2) Self-paced courses don't usually work because transformative learning can only happen with a group of peers.


Your best creative moments come in flashes of inspiration, but those flashes only happen if you show up consistently


My #1 Learning Strategy: FOMO your way towards brilliance. Step 1: Surround yourself with intellectually hungry people. Step 2: Hang out with them. They'll inspire you and give you "Information FOMO." Step 3: Learn on your own. Go back to step 1. Repeat cycle forever.


Great teachers don’t just explain things. They make things INTERESTING. Students who aren’t committed won’t learn much. But passionate students are unstoppable — especially in the age of the Internet. Inspiration first. Explanation second.


Building a writing habit is the #1 factor in the success of a writer. Once you start writing, you’ll be motivated to level-up your skills. Action inspires inspiration more than inspiration inspires action. Write daily. Publish weekly.


Few things in life are better than working with kind, inspired, and imaginative people.

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