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Cold emails are a great way to land a job. Here's what I've learned: ∙ Email the CEO directly. ∙ Show that you're unique. ∙ Be specific. ∙ Make a bold request. ∙ Have a clear call-to-action. ∙ Don't be humble. This isn't the time to be modest. Now... make magic happen.


Companies should onboard employees with an internal podcast. It would focus on: - Company history - How decisions are made - Industry 101 - How the company makes money - Long-term goals and company vision Fast, efficient, and fun for everybody.


More people should have personal podcasts. 20 episodes, 5 minutes each. Each one is about a specific aspect of your worldview. No ads. No fluff. Then, send the podcast to job recruiters or friends who want to learn about you.


Nearly every entrepreneur I talk so says hiring is their biggest challenge. The world is starving for competent people with a strong work-ethic.


Employees don’t know how valuable they are. Recruiting is hard. It’s expensive and time consuming. When a company finds a good employee, they’ll fight to keep them. Ask for the raise.


I like the word "freelancer." It literally translates to "a sword for hire." Originally, it referred to medieval mercenaries who fought for whichever country paid them the most. Today, the sword is a good metaphor for the sharp specialization that defines a freelancer's work.


A 4-Part Theory: 1. Recruiting is hard, but very important. 2. The best employees are 10-100x better than average ones. 3. The best employees want to work on the hard and interesting problems. 4. The harder the challenge, the EASIER it is to build a billion dollar company.


Ambitious projects are under-rated. Paradoxically, ambition makes some things MUCH easier. Benefits of ambitious goals: 1. Way less competition 🥊 2. Easier to recruit employees 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 3. Others want to promote the project for you 📽️ Wish I'd learned this earlier.


On startups.... Many billion dollar businesses follow the same four-step formula: 1. Find an industry with a low NPS score. 2. Raise money. 3. Vertically integrate. 4. Recruit the best people. Extra points for under-valued talent.


People with well-written essays on their personal websites are the kinds of people you generally want to hire


My favorite entrepreneurs follow the same strategy: 1) Hire unique people who have ideas. 2) Trust them to execute on their vision — as long as the cost of failure is low and the benefits of success are high. 3) Cut the failures and double-down on what works. Rinse, repeat.


The shorter your resume, the more impressive you are


Opportunity is everywhere. Learn as much as you can, and share the best of what you learn in public. Companies need writers. Companies need designers. Companies need engineers. Publish your learnings, so the Internet can create opportunities for you.


In the office, you talk. On the computer, you write. That's why every remote work CEO I've met screens for writing ability when they hire.


The hoops of education are pointless because they signal that a student can put their head down and commit to monotonous tasks — which is exactly what most employers want.


Don't pay $200,000 for a diploma. In most fields, a well-written collection of online essays and an audience of people who love your ideas is a much better credential.


Remote work unlocks a giant pool of talent. You can't find all those people with traditional recruiting tactics, so there is a big opportunity to find new ways to use the Internet to identify up-and-coming talent.

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