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Key to hospitality: add a bonus. • If you run a hotel, give people an extra 30-minutes to check-out. • If you run a restaurant, thank guests with a free small dessert. • If you run a bakery, keep small cookies on the counter. Short-term costs create long-term loyalty.


Small talk builds relationships because it says “I care more about you than being productive”


My 5 Rules for Networking: 1. Smile 2. Laugh 3. Built friendships, not contacts. 4. Help the other person before you ask them to help you. 5. When in doubt, stay home. Most networking is a waste of time. Read, write and share your ideas online instead.


Free idea: Collect your favorite books, articles, videos, lectures, and podcasts about your go-to subject. Then, publish it online. You’ll help yourself by engaging with the best things you’ve consumed. You’ll help the world by helping people learn.


Secret to hospitality: small gifts. • If you run a Airbnb, leave chocolate on the bed. • If you run a fashion store, give away drinks. Free bonuses assume a long-term relationship. Naturally, people reciprocate with good vibes and good reviews.

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