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The paradox of creativity: Your work is done when it looks so simple that the consumer thinks they could've done it, which means they won't appreciate how hard you worked


The Industrial Age rewarded people who worked hard. The Information Age rewards people who are obsessed.


Talent: Hitting targets other people can't hit. Genius: Hitting targets other people can't see.


A 4-Part Theory: 1. Recruiting is hard, but very important. 2. The best employees are 10-100x better than average ones. 3. The best employees want to work on the hard and interesting problems. 4. The harder the challenge, the EASIER it is to build a billion dollar company.


A paradox of writing: Clear writing looks so effortless that the reader thinks the author wrote it all in one draft


In creative work, being obsessed with your craft is more important than working hard


The best performers I know have one thing in common: obsession. Life is work. Work is life.


Learn multiplying skills. When you multiply your skills, you magnify the results of your efforts. • A biologist who speaks 5 language and has a PhD in history. • An investor with a background in psychology and machine learning. Hint: Writing is a multiplier for everything.


Less of this: “Find your passion.” More of this: “Work hard, surround yourself with incredible people, and serve others to make your work meaningful.”


Lessons from running my business: 1) Email marketing is like plumbing. It’s not sexy, but you need it to work. 2) You don’t always need to innovate. Learn from the best, and do what they do. 3) There’s a direct correlation between how hard you work and how successful you are.


People love watching others build in public. Work hard, share what you learn, and attract an audience of passionate supporters. One of the best career moves you can make.


Meetings are too easy to create. When you add up employee salaries, they cost hundreds of dollars per hour. People should have to pitch big meetings. They should write detailed memos that show effort and clarity of thought. The meeting only happens if the pitch is good.


Writing is like running. It never gets easier. You just get better at it. So.... write every day. Publish every week. And learn to love the process.


Don't get me wrong... work-life balance is important. But working really, really hard is the only way to accomplish something hard. It's 10:20pm on a Thursday night, and I'm writing essays and replying to emails. Get after it. Take what's yours.


Growing up, I worked hard in school only so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I wish somebody had said: “The goal is to become hyper-competent in a skill you enjoy and improves the world — that also pays well.” Work hard as a kid, so you can enjoy your work as an adult.


There are two ways to find original ideas to write about: access and revelation. 1) Access happens when you have proprietary information, usually because of your experiences. 2) Revelation happens when you connect public information in new ways, usually because of hard work.


Important lesson from teaching an online course: Compliments transform behavior. Compliments light people up. They inspire us to work harder and take action. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Compliments are an easy way to make the world a better place.

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