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Highly creative people have opposing personality traits. They are nerds and athletes. They are vulnerable and confident. They are open-minded and closed-minded. The spring of creative potential is watered with contradictions.


My nights are sacred. Since I started working, I’ve reserved 2-3 nights per week for reading, learning, and thinking. It’s my time without distraction — to explore the wonderful world of ideas. This habit has absolutely changed my life. The benefits keep compounding.


I've been practicing my observation skills for years. Here's what I've learned about becoming a better observer: Write every day. The writing habit makes the world come to life. Every moment, from the mundane to the miraculous, becomes a potential future sentence.


One of the worst habits I picked up in school was avoiding supplementary materials. Teachers told us not to use SparkNotes and to stay away from summaries. But now that I read for fun, I use them all the time. Without them, I wouldn't be able to tackle challenging books.


Building a writing habit is the #1 factor in the success of a writer. Once you start writing, you’ll be motivated to level-up your skills. Action inspires inspiration more than inspiration inspires action. Write daily. Publish weekly.


Be regular and orderly in your habits, so you can be violent and original in your writing


Creation breeds creation. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t run out of creative ideas. Building the creative habit will actually make you more creative, which means that new ideas will create more new ideas. Don’t hoard your creative ideas. Act on them instead.

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