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Companies should onboard employees with an internal podcast. It would focus on: - Company history - How decisions are made - Industry 101 - How the company makes money - Long-term goals and company vision Fast, efficient, and fun for everybody.


Goal for your 20s: Find your “10 Club” Your 10 Club is a group of 10 people you want to work with later in life. They should be kind, ambitious, and generous. Travel together, meet their families, and attend their weddings.


Goal for your 20s: Get really good at doing something valuable, but scarce. Then, advertise your skills.


Create your own luck by writing online. Tell people what you’re working on, be open about your goals, and teach others what you learn.


My biggest financial goal right now is having the means to hire a personal tutor for everything I want to learn.


Goal for my business: Make it easy to run, even if it means we can’t build a massive company


Ambitious projects are under-rated. Paradoxically, ambition makes some things MUCH easier. Benefits of ambitious goals: 1. Way less competition 🥊 2. Easier to recruit employees 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 3. Others want to promote the project for you 📽️ Wish I'd learned this earlier.


My motto for the weekends: “Follow the soul.” On the weekdays, I focus on projects and goals. But on the weekends, my life becomes slower and more contemplative. It’s like changing gears: The to-do list disappears so I can waltz along a trail of leisure.


Professional goal: Write one long-form essay about the idea you know best. Write about an important topic, share your unique perspective, and make sure it‘ll still be relevant in ten years. Make it exceptional.


Teachers can learn from professional sports coaches: • Measure performance • Personalized training programs • Students improve by doing • Fast feedback loops • Inspiring goal to train for My best coaches had ultra-high standards because we shared wins and losses together.


Growing up, I worked hard in school only so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I wish somebody had said: “The goal is to become hyper-competent in a skill you enjoy and improves the world — that also pays well.” Work hard as a kid, so you can enjoy your work as an adult.


How to attract more career opportunities: 1) Raise your ambitions. 2) Tell others about your goals by writing online. Smart people want to help people who are working on hard and important problems. Think big.

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