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Startup idea: A dating app that matches you based on your taste in music, movies, and books.


If you want to write more, I have some ideas for you. If you're stuck, write a summary. Summarize long books and complicated papers. By doing so, you’ll learn fast and attract a smart audience of readers.


Everybody takes screenshots. But nobody has a good way to organize them. Screenshots might be a billion dollar product opportunity. 💰


Thought experiment! Many ultra-successful people found ONE big idea and doubled-down on it. • Warren Buffett: Value investing • Peter Thiel: Mimetic theory • George Soros: Reflexivity, shaped by Karl Popper Less may be more. We should take our best ideas more seriously.


Formula for new business ideas: Take a boring experience, and make it exciting. Examples: Gyms: Equinox Coffee: Starbucks Airlines: Virgin Atlantic Grocery Stores: Wegmans Endless opportunities.


Online course idea: How to consume information. It’s such an important topic and few people study it carefully. Eventually, people will watch their information diet like they watch what they eat. Good frameworks will make society smarter too. Important problem, huge market.


Free business idea. Now that companies are going remote, help companies build internal podcasts. The podcast would focus on: - How decisions are made - Quarterly priorities - Industry 101 - Business models - Long-term goals and company vision Fun and efficient for everybody.


If you’re looking for new business ideas, stop trying to predict the future and start trying to understand the present


Free startup ideas: ∙ Replace LinkedIn with a global, portfolio-first job board. The platform should actually help you find jobs. ∙ A school where people graduate with a profitable business. ∙ Matching service for personal assistants who handle all chores and mundane tasks.


Developing ideas is like building a garden. Your ideas move in three stages: 1) Seeds: Messy personal notes that you don't publish. 2) Trees: Cleaned-up summaries of ideas that build upon each other and develop over time. 3) Fruits: Published work like essays and books.


Three fun ideas: 1) If you can easily describe what you're working on, it's not ambitious enough. 2) It's better to be world-class at one rare and valuable skill than to be good at a lot of things. 3) Master one communication skill. Speaking, writing, drawing. You pick.


To find new ideas, look for things that are so well-known that they aren't well-seen.


One of my favorite sources of new ideas is books that used to be popular, but nobody reads them anymore


Beyoncé records albums by renting out multiple studios at the same time. She jumps between rooms, where she brainstorms ideas and works on different songs with different musicians and different producers. Once she loses momentum, she changes the vibe by switching studios.


Free idea: Collect your favorite books, articles, videos, lectures, and podcasts about your go-to subject. Then, publish it online. You’ll help yourself by engaging with the best things you’ve consumed. You’ll help the world by helping people learn.


The biggest problem with writing education: We focus too much on grammar. Teachers focus on grammar because it's easy to grade. The REAL problem is that people don't know how to identify and refine interesting ideas. That's the #1 challenge for 90% of writers.


Free business idea. An online course to help people set up their computer for maximum productivity. Default settings are designed for simplicity, not performance. Here's your tagline: "Ten hours of setup. Thousands of hours saved." The idea is yours.


World-changing ideas are hidden in plain sight. Just remember, we put a man on the moon before we put wheels on suitcases.


Hunter S. Thompson once said: “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.” Truth runs away from the spotlight. That's why if you go to a conference, the best ideas are shared at the cocktail bar and rarely the main stage.


Learn by doing, reflect by talking, find ideas by reading, reflect on them by walking, and share them by writing. Do. Talk. Read. Walk. Write.


Free business idea. A market place for high-quality copy editors. Here’s why it’s worth considering: 1) Most people enjoy writing, but need help with editing. 2) Even in the age of the Internet, it’s surprisingly hard to find good editors. 3) Editors can work 100% remotely.


Ideas are like lego blocks. Consuming information is like collecting lego blocks and when you create, you put those lego blocks together. If you have unique lego blocks, you'll have unique ideas.


Measure the quality of a writer by the number of new ideas you have while reading their work.


Note-taking apps aren’t valuable because they help you save ideas. They’re valuable because they help you find ideas you forgot you saved in the first place.


Amazing to see how fast new ideas go from “that’s so insightful, I’ve never thought of that before” to “that’s so obvious, doesn’t everybody know that?”


Somebody’s going to build a health & fitness bundle. It would quantify diet, sleep and fitness. It’d have a central software dashboard with personalized recommendations, a trainer to help me with them, and friends to improve my health with. Business model: Monthly subscription.


Big opportunity for people to open-source their creative process. ∙ Writers: show people how you write essays. ∙ Musicians: show people how you make music. ∙ Designers: show people how you make logos. Creatives build an audience. Fans have fun learning. Everybody wins.


I have an idea for athletes. Sports won’t be back for a while, so athletes should use this downtime to build their own media companies. Some ideas: • Film training sessions • Analyze game film • Share locker room stories Then, follow the standard brand-building playbook.


There are two ways to find original ideas to write about: access and revelation. 1) Access happens when you have proprietary information, usually because of your experiences. 2) Revelation happens when you connect public information in new ways, usually because of hard work.


Free business idea: Job boards for influencers. Influencers have big audiences of like-minded people. They attract job seekers, but don’t want to manage technical stuff. Build software. Run customer service. Beatiful design is the cherry on top. Very profitable business too.


Lots of people want to write, but don’t know what to write about. Essay prompts: 1) What everyone is thinking about but nobody is saying 2) What you believe that other people disagree with you about 3) What excites you right now Stop procrastinating. Start writing.


Idea: Show notes for conversations. The app listens to your conversations, and curates a list of links mentioned, people referenced, and books recommended. Monetize with advertising or subscription revenue. Free version for consumers. Paid version for businesses.


Business idea: Make content for people who want to sell their company. ∙ 10-part podcast about the business model ∙ Company history interviews with key executives ∙ Videos about the future of the company If they're good, they'll be shared widely which may attract a buyer.


Epiphanies are the joy of writing. When a new idea springs into your mind, write it down immediately. Grab a pen. Snag a post-it note. Run to your computer. Don’t wait. Write while the idea is fresh.


Survey data is very useful but people don’t like taking surveys. Business opportunity.

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