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When you first start a company, you need Swiss Army Knife people who can do a little bit of everything. Once your company gets big, you need a bunch of kitchen knife people who do one thing very, very well.


Nearly every entrepreneur I talk so says hiring is their biggest challenge. The world is starving for competent people with a strong work-ethic.


My philosophy of writing: • Write every day. • Write in public to improve the quality of your thinking. • Write for clarity, not to impress people. • Write about your curiosities. You don’t need to be an expert. • Write for the most intelligent person you know.


Goal for your 20s: Get really good at doing something valuable, but scarce. Then, advertise your skills.


Writing shows you how little you know about topics you thought you were an expert on


The fastest way to become an expert is to create your own field of study


Three steps to improve your writing: 1) Write for 60 minutes every day. 2) Publish one article every week. 3) Listen to feedback. Do it for a year and you'll be an excellent writer.


If you want to make a living on the Internet, invent a name for what you do. Build expertise. Find your unique perspective. Coin your own term. Then, tell the world about it.


If you’re an expert on a topic, do yourself and the world a favor by writing an ultimate guide to learning it


Three fun ideas: 1) If you can easily describe what you're working on, it's not ambitious enough. 2) It's better to be world-class at one rare and valuable skill than to be good at a lot of things. 3) Master one communication skill. Speaking, writing, drawing. You pick.


Masters work with less information, not more. • Painters see the essence of an object. • Investors focus on needle-moving variables. Information is nearly-infinite, and masters know which variables to pay attention to. Masters of attention.


Recently spoke to the founder of a big toy company. In the past 30 years, she's designed more than 10,000 toys. She has decades of experience, but still can't predict what will be popular. You can't predict success. The lesson: To increase your odds of success, be prolific.


Teach in public and you won't have to wait for credentials to become an expert.


Productize your expertise. Step 1: Gain experience by working for somebody else. Step 2: Start your own consulting business. Step 3: Now that you have experience and extra time, write about what you’re learning. Step 4: Turn that knowledge into a scalable online product.


Growing up, I worked hard in school only so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I wish somebody had said: “The goal is to become hyper-competent in a skill you enjoy and improves the world — that also pays well.” Work hard as a kid, so you can enjoy your work as an adult.


There are two ways to find original ideas to write about: access and revelation. 1) Access happens when you have proprietary information, usually because of your experiences. 2) Revelation happens when you connect public information in new ways, usually because of hard work.


Build your audience by teaching. Become the expert on a cutting edge software program. Write tutorials. Make templates. Share how you use it. Align yourself with the company and ride their hype wave.


I start writing an essay when I’m 80% done with it. Once I’ve collected the notes, lived the experiences I want to write about, and structured my ideas during conversations with friends.


The usefulness of checklists depends on the payoffs of an experience. If there’s big upside and low downside, you don’t want checklists. When there’s low upside and big downside, you want a checklist.


Easy way to improve an experience: Eliminate confusion. ∙ Too many restaurants make it hard to find the host. ∙ Too many hotels make it hard to find the fitness center. ∙ Too many shopping malls make it hard to find the right store. Make things easy for people.


The problem with traditional writing advice is it focuses on spelling & grammar, but not the experience of being a writer.

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