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The Internet is the most important technology in our lives. You don't need permission to build things on the Internet. All you need is an idea, a vision, 2-3 skills, and the discipline to execute it.


So much of success can be explained in one sentence: “I had one good idea and executed like a crazy person for 10 years.”


Fundamental skill: Planning, organizing, and executing projects. No matter what you do, from cleaning your house to to running a company, life is a series of projects. Life is a game of project management.


My rules for business: 1) Team up with people who work fast. 2) Communicate in long-form writing as much as possible. 3) Do two kinds of planning: weekly planning and quarterly planning. Then, execute. 4) Learning and sharing the best of what I learn is my marketing strategy.


My favorite entrepreneurs follow the same strategy: 1) Hire unique people who have ideas. 2) Trust them to execute on their vision — as long as the cost of failure is low and the benefits of success are high. 3) Cut the failures and double-down on what works. Rinse, repeat.


Entrepreneurship in a tweet. Step 1: Experiment, experiment, experiment. Step 2: Find a problem you can solve. Step 3: Set a bold vision, talk to customers, and relentlessly solve their problems. Start with experimentation. End with execution.


Listening to fewer podcasts and more speeches. Podcasts are fun but all my friends listen to the same ones. Speeches are different. Less groupthink. More exploration.

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