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Nearly every entrepreneur I talk so says hiring is their biggest challenge. The world is starving for competent people with a strong work-ethic.


Here's a crazy theory: Alcohol is a social technology for trustworthiness. We get drunk with people to see how they act when they lose some control. They reveal themselves once they've had a few drinks because their powers of deception are inhibited.


Partner with people who still have a lot of childhood friends because they’re the most loyal.


My favorite entrepreneurs follow the same strategy: 1) Hire unique people who have ideas. 2) Trust them to execute on their vision — as long as the cost of failure is low and the benefits of success are high. 3) Cut the failures and double-down on what works. Rinse, repeat.


Investment memos are a 10/10 marketing strategy. • Teaching is an excellent way to build trust with current and future customers. • Transparency attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. Warren Buffett has been writing yearly letters since 1965. Brilliant.


People don’t trust intuition anymore. We now worship the cold gospel of logic and rationality. We‘ve lost faith in genius. We’ve lost faith in destiny. We’ve lost faith in vocation. But greatness begins with following the light of intuition. Listen to your muse.


Great mentors assume your success. They say things like “You’re destined to become world-class in your field.” These words of encouragement cost the mentor nothing, but they can change the life of a young person. By giving you hope, they inspire belief.


As you gain leverage, good judgement replaces work ethic as the ultimate virtue


Don’t measure the size of your audience by follower count. Measure it by the number of people you respect who trust you.


Questions I'm thinking about... 1. How can we improve small group learning + communication? When small group trust is high, you can explore fringe and controversial ideas. In 1-on-1 chat, communication has to be symmetric. In group chats, you can consume more than you produce.

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