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Companies should onboard employees with an internal podcast. It would focus on: - Company history - How decisions are made - Industry 101 - How the company makes money - Long-term goals and company vision Fast, efficient, and fun for everybody.


More people should have personal podcasts. 20 episodes, 5 minutes each. Each one is about a specific aspect of your worldview. No ads. No fluff. Then, send the podcast to job recruiters or friends who want to learn about you.


Employees don’t know how valuable they are. Recruiting is hard. It’s expensive and time consuming. When a company finds a good employee, they’ll fight to keep them. Ask for the raise.


On startups.... Many billion dollar businesses follow the same four-step formula: 1. Find an industry with a low NPS score. 2. Raise money. 3. Vertically integrate. 4. Recruit the best people. Extra points for under-valued talent.


Remote work unlocks a giant pool of talent. You can't find all those people with traditional recruiting tactics, so there is a big opportunity to find new ways to use the Internet to identify up-and-coming talent.

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