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Own your distribution. If you write online, focus on these two platforms: 1) Email 2) Websites Invest in the long-term.


This is the age of one-person media companies. Here’s the business model: • Build an email list. • Grow your list with free content. • Monetize with a subscription. • Fans pay for podcasts, ask-me-anything episodes, and behind-the-scenes videos. Small teams. Big margins.


Advice to every online creator: own your distribution. Build a simple personal website. Then, create an email list and ask people to subscribe. Email is — by far — the best place to build an audience.


Basically everybody should have a personal website with three things: 1) Three published articles about topics they know well. 2) A list of interests and achievements. 3) An email sign-up button to capture emails addresses. You can build your website for free in one weekend.


Summarizing academic papers is the fastest way to build an online audience. Three steps: 1) Build a website. 2) Launch an email list. 3) Publish one summary every day. Do it every day for one year and your life will never be the same.


B+ content and A+ consistency is the winning formula for email newsletters. Most of the value comes from consistency, not content.


I now have 25,000 email subscribers. My tips for growing your list: • Write on your own website • Add lead magnets to your site • Make subscribing easy • Publish emails consistently • Add social proof to lead magnets And the obvious one... write emails that people enjoy.


Consider building a website. Some things to think about: ∙ Add a start here page ∙ Write 3-5 essays on the topic you know best ∙ Give readers a way to contact you ∙ Keep the style simple, and let the ideas speak ∙ Make it easy for people to sign up for your email list


Product subscriptions give you recurring revenue. Email subscriptions give you recurring attention.


Forget about the size of your audience. Write for the smartest people in the world, the ones who can unlock opportunities with a single email.


Lessons from running my business: 1) Email marketing is like plumbing. It’s not sexy, but you need it to work. 2) You don’t always need to innovate. Learn from the best, and do what they do. 3) There’s a direct correlation between how hard you work and how successful you are.


Dear Brands, Create rituals. Send a daily email, publish a weekly podcast, or host an annual meetup. Rituals are the secret behind many great brands. By being consistent and predictable, they create customer loyalty.


Tweets build relationships. Tweetstorms build followers. Email subscribers build businesses.


The online creator playbook. ∙ Grow your audience on social media. ∙ Deepen the relationship via email. ∙ Build trust with a podcast. ∙ Monetize the masses with a subscription. ∙ Sell a course to your most engaged fans. ∙ Coaching and consulting for your best fans.


Social media is fun, but if you want to build an online business, focus on growing your email list


Writing online without building an email list is like playing Monopoly, passing Go, and not collecting $200


Email newsletters are fun, but building a personal website is more valuable. It communicates professionalism and intellectual curiosity. Plus, you can add a splash of personality. Publish a couple well-written articles and it’s a home run. Websites are the new resume.


If you write online and plan to start an Internet business, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting years to start an email list


Everybody talks about growing your email list, but growing your SMS list is probably more valuable because people open every text message and don’t change their phone numbers.


Email and meetings are the entropy of work. The more people you meet, the more they take over — and eventually, they want to occupy 100% of your productive time. But if you want to make things, you need free time. Make space for creative work.


Creators: Build your email list! Here’s why email subscribers are so valuable: • Unlike social media, nobody can take your email following away from you. • You can segment your email list by interest and behavior. • Social media is ruled by algorithms — email is not.


Things people under-estimate: - Cities as a vehicle for economic growth. - Benefits of building an email list. - Writing online. - Importance of inspiration in education. - How fasting improves health and longevity. If you want to live longer, eat less.


Thoughts on marketing: 1) Social media gets the attention, but email is the secret weapon. 2) Live video workshops are the fastest way to build a relationship with a future customer. 3) The more people share your ideas, the lower your marketing costs. Organic marketing works.


I'm writing an epic introduction to writing online. I'll talk about every aspect of writing online: cultivating ideas, writing, distribution, email, and meeting like-minded people.

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