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My beliefs about work: 1) If you want to be prolific, you need to creative time as sacred. 2) If you count learning, I work way more than 40 hours per week. If you don’t, I work way less. 3) The economy is way, way bigger than you think. There’s opportunity everywhere.


Most colleges tell students about the same few industries: ∙ Law ∙ Finance ∙ Medicine ∙ Management consulting They're all prestigious, so colleges have an incentive to promote them. But the economy is absolutely huge. Students should know about all the opportunities.


Dublin and Mexico City are going to become remote work hubs. 🇮🇪 Dublin: English-speaking country, booming economy, and easy access to both the east coast and mainland Europe. 🇲🇽 Mexico City: Safe and well-developed, with a temperate climate, and close to the United States.


Capitalism turns leisure into a sin


Two things I believe: 1) In a capitalist world, improving how capital is allocated will have a huge downstream impact. 2) Too many of the smartest people I know allocate capital for a living, and society would be better if they built things instead.


The economy is much bigger than you think. People want to go to the same colleges, so they can build the same skills, and work at the same companies. But when you copy everyone else, you limit your opportunities. Don’t follow the spotlight. Create your own spotlight instead.


Three thoughts on cities: 1) The vibrancy of a city is determined less by its size and more by its density. 2) My favorite neighborhoods have marrow streets that are hard to navigate. 3) Shortening long commutes is one of the fastest ways to increase economic opportunity.


The Direct-to-Consumer commerce wave. Companies with strong brand identities and hyper-efficient ad targeting are unbundling big retail brands. Made possible by: 1. Low startup costs 2. Infinite digital shelf space 3. Targeted advertising platforms


Things people under-estimate: - Cities as a vehicle for economic growth. - Benefits of building an email list. - Writing online. - Importance of inspiration in education. - How fasting improves health and longevity. If you want to live longer, eat less.


1) Operational excellence is an under-rated competitive edge. 2) In public markets, arbitrage human behavior. In private markets, monopolize access to high-quality talent. 3) The most valuable ideas are shared in whispers.

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