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Companies should onboard employees with an internal podcast. It would focus on: - Company history - How decisions are made - Industry 101 - How the company makes money - Long-term goals and company vision Fast, efficient, and fun for everybody.


Toyota has a decision-making principle called “gemba.” Instead of depending on hierarchy, the people who are closest to what’s happening make decisions. Here’s why: Toyota believes that the more hands-on knowledge a decision-maker has, the better their decision will be.


Whenever you find yourself thinking that people are rational, remember that people spend more on lottery tickets than movies, video games, music, sporting events, and books combined


Improve your decisions, improve your business. Prioritize Speed, Move with Direction: Move at Internet speed, but never without direction. Find projects with big upside and low downside. Then, double-down on projects with momentum.


When starting a company, choosing your industry is 10% of the work but determines 50% of the outcome


How I choose new projects: 1) Solve problems other people aren’t solving. 2) Should have transformative, life-changing upside. 3) My competitive advantage should be obvious. When I have all three, I commit.


Less of this: “Find your passion.” More of this: “Work hard, surround yourself with incredible people, and serve others to make your work meaningful.”


How I Choose What to Read: 1. Trust friend recommendations, not the media. 2. Favor old books over new ones. 3. If the book is boring, stop reading it. 4. Find books that are loved by some and hated by others. 5. If I can write about a book, it shoots to the top of my list.


How to choose what to write about: 1) Write about things other people aren’t writing about. 2) If it makes your blood rush and your heart beat faster, you should probably write about it. 3) If you have a unique perspective, share it. Then, be prolific.


Everybody I know who writes online consistently says it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made


There are two kinds of decisions: 1) Reversible decisions 2) Non-reversible decisions In life, you’re faced with very few non-reversible decisions. The vast majority of decisions are entirely reversible. Make reversible decisions quickly. Don’t get stuck.


Writing online is the world’s best networking tool. When in doubt skip drinks, and write instead. Over a long enough time horizon, choosing to write is the obvious choice.

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