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My philosophy of writing: • Write every day. • Write in public to improve the quality of your thinking. • Write for clarity, not to impress people. • Write about your curiosities. You don’t need to be an expert. • Write for the most intelligent person you know.


Some ways to write a good introduction: ∙ Start with a surprising story ∙ Lead with what's counter-intuitive ∙ Create suspense ∙ Share a half-told story ∙ Ask a question, but don't share the answer Aim to ignite your reader's curiosity.


Traits of exceptional entrepreneurs: 1) Disagreeable: They’re unsatisfied with the world, often to a point of anger. 2) High-agency: They believe they can shape the world, often to a point of pride. 3) Curious: They build before they’re experts, often to a point of arrogance.


School: Learn in private, follow the syllabus, and write for the teacher. Real-life: Learn in public, follow your curiosity, and write for a global audience.


The word “school” shares the same root as the Greek word for leisure. School was once a place to explore and experiment. But now, it’s a full-time job. Curious minds are saddled with homework. And college prep begins in middle school. The Greeks had it right.


The world is kind to young people who are driven and curious.


Why I write long-form essays: 1) Writing sharpens my thinking. 2) To attract the most intellectually curious people in the world — and learn from them. 3) To build deep relationships with readers, some of whom will become lifelong friends. Long-form is my favorite format.


Email newsletters are fun, but building a personal website is more valuable. It communicates professionalism and intellectual curiosity. Plus, you can add a splash of personality. Publish a couple well-written articles and it’s a home run. Websites are the new resume.


Best thing about the Internet: If you’re curious, you’ll never be bored.


Continuous learning is essential. Don't like to read? That's okay There are thousands of lectures on YouTube. There are podcasts available on every topic under the sun. No excuses. Keep learning. If you're curious, there's never been a better time to be alive.


The world is kind to curious people. Show up with energy and enthusiasm, and a kingdom of possibility will open to you.


One of my favorite things about Internet culture is that it’s cool to be smart. Learning is praised. Teaching others is rewarded. Curiosity is the name of the game. That’s a world I want to live in.

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