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Mirrors and clocks transformed society, but they’re so old that nobody questions them. Clocks created a culture of anxiety. Mirrors created a culture of narcissism.


If you want to build deep friendships, you need extended time with people. Unfortunately, western culture makes this hard. Here’s my heuristic: Aim for at least three hours of conversation whenever you’re with a friend. Anything shorter leaves no room for the soul.


Every city has different billboards. 1) San Francisco: Highway 101 promotes tech companies. 2) Los Angeles: Sunset Boulevard promotes movies. 3) New York: The subway promotes direct-to-consumer brands. Billboards reveal a city’s culture.


The faster information spreads, the less a culture will value tradition


One of my favorite things about Internet culture is that it’s cool to be smart. Learning is praised. Teaching others is rewarded. Curiosity is the name of the game. That’s a world I want to live in.


Silicon Valley has an excellent culture of ideas because so many of the big names would‘ve been academics if startups weren’t so profitable

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