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The state of online learning: 1) YouTube will eat the low-end of the market. 2) People will pay 5-15x more for live courses. 3) The three biggest competitive advantages are the personality of a creator, the warmth of the community, and the quality of the student experience.


The Internet rewards people who work fast. Code fast. Write fast. Design fast. On the Internet, the cost of publishing is free and the algorithms reward people who publish frequently. That's why so many of the top creators are prolific. Learn to work fast.


People over-estimate the benefits of learning by consuming things. People under-estimate the benefits of learning by making things.


Advice to every online creator: own your distribution. Build a simple personal website. Then, create an email list and ask people to subscribe. Email is — by far — the best place to build an audience.


Old: Build a product, then an audience. New: Build an audience, then a product. Entrepreneurs with organic reach can launch and test their products without paid media. The creators of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Assume you don’t have free will. You are 100% programmed by your environment. If it’s true, you are what you consume. You become what you read. You act just like your friends. Might be a useful idea, even if it isn’t 100% true. Better inputs. Better outputs.


If you’re a creator, don’t ask for donations. Sell a product.


Work-life balance doesn’t apply to creatives. Creative work is an irresistible magnet that makes life worth living. It’s an all-consuming obsession. Without it, your heart dies.


The internet rewards creators. People under-estimate the benefits of creation and over-estimate the benefits of consumption. Create more. Consume less.


As a creator, it is your job to find your audience — not your audience’s job to find you


If you’re an online creator, being weird and having even weirder interests is one of the biggest advantages you can have. There’s no competition.


Create lots of mediocre work, but only publish the top 10%


Three trends I'd bet on: 1) Monetization for individual creators, especially podcasts. 2) Live, community-based online education. The social experience is more fun and helps people learn faster. 3) Media companies that use content as a marketing channel, not a revenue stream.


My advice to online course creators: 1) Focus less on the quality of your ideas, and more on student experience. 2) Premium prices come from premium live sessions. 3) The business is 20% hospitality, 30% teaching, and 50% marketing. 4) People pay for results — not learning.


The highest praise you can give creative work is: "Damn, I wish I made that."


If you’re going to do creative work, you have to be obsessed with it. There is no other way.


If you want to be a creator, save more than you think you need to. Especially take more photos and write more notes — your future self will thank you.


People over-estimate the benefits of consuming content and under-estimate the benefits of producing it. Consume less. Produce more.


If you’re good at getting things done, one of the best career decisions you can make is to team up with an fast growing content creator and run their business operations. Creators want to spend their time creating.


The online creator playbook. ∙ Grow your audience on social media. ∙ Deepen the relationship via email. ∙ Build trust with a podcast. ∙ Monetize the masses with a subscription. ∙ Sell a course to your most engaged fans. ∙ Coaching and consulting for your best fans.


Every creative project has two parts: 1) You start by imposing your vision on the project. 2) The project takes on a life of its own and imposes its vision on you. Art comes to life when you serve the work.


Ideas are like lego blocks. Consuming information is like collecting lego blocks and when you create, you put those lego blocks together. If you have unique lego blocks, you'll have unique ideas.


People over-estimate the benefits of consuming information and under-estimate the benefits of producing it. Produce more. Consume less.


Information is food. The similarities: 1) Choosing what to avoid is as important as choosing what to consume. 2) Fasting has proven health benefits. 3) Just as you'll improve your food diet if you start cooking, you'll improve your information diet if you start writing.


Knowledge is like food. You can't just consume it. You have to digest it. Instead of reading more books, get more from the books you're already reading. Low-hanging fruit: 1. Start a book club 2. Share your notes publicly 3. Write an essay about your favorite book


Creators: Build your email list! Here’s why email subscribers are so valuable: • Unlike social media, nobody can take your email following away from you. • You can segment your email list by interest and behavior. • Social media is ruled by algorithms — email is not.


Sharing your ideas in public is the best way to leverage your thinking. Once you create something, your ideas take on a life of their own. People can build upon them and access your best thinking 24/7, 365 days per year.


Red flag for consumer products: Trying to solve too many problems at launch when it’s usually better to do one thing really, really well


Lessons from creating an online course: 1) Making a course is hard. But marketing is the ultimate differentiator. 2) People come for the results, but stay for the people. 3) Over time, the ideas in your course will become a commodity. Community is the long-term differentiator.


The top creators on the Internet are prolific and unapologetically themselves. Find a small, but growing niche. Then, learn everything you can, and share the best of what you learn.


Wisdom for creators: People love long-form content. Joe Rogan has a massive podcast and Game of Thrones stole the entire culture. They captivate us with laugh-out-loud humor and imaginative stories. That’s why we’re fans for life. Long-form content is the golden ticket.


Creation breeds creation. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t run out of creative ideas. Building the creative habit will actually make you more creative, which means that new ideas will create more new ideas. Don’t hoard your creative ideas. Act on them instead.


Creator monetization is growing fast. Creators want to create, not run a business. Now they can. Creator-focused agencies are rising up just as software tools are removing a lot of the complexity. Wealth is transferring from big-name media companies to solo creators.


Questions I'm thinking about... 1. How can we improve small group learning + communication? When small group trust is high, you can explore fringe and controversial ideas. In 1-on-1 chat, communication has to be symmetric. In group chats, you can consume more than you produce.


Subscription podcasting is under-rated. People are extremely loyal to their favorite podcast creators. Die-hard fans want AMAs, in-depth show notes, and exclusive podcast episodes. Best of all, creators can benefit from the software-as-a-service model without many of the costs

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