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If your writing is too complicated, stop typing and record yourself talking about what you’re trying to write. Then write down exactly what you said.


I love the German word: Fingerspitzengefühl The literal translation is "finger tips feeling." It describes somebody with extreme situational awareness, who has strong intuitive instincts in complex situations. They act with tact in social situations and foresight in business.


Academic writing rewards complexity. Business writing rewards simplicity.


When you add complexity to a system, you feel the benefits first and the costs later — which is why it’s so dangerous. Prize simplicity.


Write to express, not to impress. One idea per sentence, one idea per paragraph. Resist the urge to create complexity by using big words and long sentences like the one I'm typing right now which is getting too long, so it's confusing. Be clear. Be simple. Aim for clarity.


Your writing is as good as your reader’s inability to predict what you’re going to say next


Make your writing simple so your ideas can be complex.


The three steps of writing an essay: 1) Simple 2) Complex 3) Simple I usually finish close to where I started, but the writing process refines the original idea.

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