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Toyota has a decision-making principle called “gemba.” Instead of depending on hierarchy, the people who are closest to what’s happening make decisions. Here’s why: Toyota believes that the more hands-on knowledge a decision-maker has, the better their decision will be.


This is the age of one-person media companies. Here’s the business model: • Build an email list. • Grow your list with free content. • Monetize with a subscription. • Fans pay for podcasts, ask-me-anything episodes, and behind-the-scenes videos. Small teams. Big margins.


Customer service should be the most innovative team in a business


Somebody’s going to build a health & fitness bundle. It would quantify diet, sleep and fitness. It’d have a central software dashboard with personalized recommendations, a trainer to help me with them, and friends to improve my health with. Business model: Monthly subscription.


The best way to succeed is to define your own market. Average companies take a chunk of their market. Good companies monopolize their market. Great companies monopolize the market they created. Grow the market. Grow the company.


Business idea: Make content for people who want to sell their company. ∙ 10-part podcast about the business model ∙ Company history interviews with key executives ∙ Videos about the future of the company If they're good, they'll be shared widely which may attract a buyer.

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