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The Internet is the most important technology in our lives. You don't need permission to build things on the Internet. All you need is an idea, a vision, 2-3 skills, and the discipline to execute it.


Unpopular opinion: Too many people praise “learning.” MAKING things is a better use of time. Building an audience around your interests is THE cheat code. Write articles. Record videos. Publish podcasts. Plus, making things will make you learn faster anyways.


Online education is growing fast. It's harder to sell a course than build one: The top online schools are run by people with the largest audiences, not necessarily the best teachers. But building an audience trains you to teach.


The core skill of building a business is creating systems for things you do repeatedly


You used to build an product. Then you’d build an audience. Now you build an audience. Then you build a product.


Three trends for the future of work: 1) More short-term projects. Fewer long-term jobs. 2) Hyper-specialization: Pick a niche and own it. 3) Software automation: Creative and repetitive tasks will be automated. A dream world for brilliant marketers and capable entrepreneurs.


Building stuff and writing essays is the best way to educate yourself.


How to build an online brand: Create your own territory. 1) Pick a unique intersection of ideas. 2) Start writing about it. 3) Add some style and personality. Best of all, there is unlimited territory on the Internet. A global audience is waiting for you. Start writing.


Build the product you wish existed.


My motto for the weekends: “Follow the soul.” On the weekdays, I focus on projects and goals. But on the weekends, my life becomes slower and more contemplative. It’s like changing gears: The to-do list disappears so I can waltz along a trail of leisure.


THE PARADOX OF SPECIFICITY On the internet, the narrower your brand, the more opportunities come to you. The internet is best matching tool ever invented. Pick an niche. Learn all about it. Share what you learn by writing online. And watch your life improve.


Two things I believe: 1) In a capitalist world, improving how capital is allocated will have a huge downstream impact. 2) Too many of the smartest people I know allocate capital for a living, and society would be better if they built things instead.


Build once, benefit forever. That's my motto for building software-based products. Obsess over details at the beginning, and let robots take care of the rest. Make things that stand the test of time.


Reminder: You can accomplish things much, much faster than society says you can. You have the Internet in your hands and a phone with all the information in the world. Start building.


Sharing your ideas in public is the best way to leverage your thinking. Once you create something, your ideas take on a life of their own. People can build upon them and access your best thinking 24/7, 365 days per year.


I have an idea for athletes. Sports won’t be back for a while, so athletes should use this downtime to build their own media companies. Some ideas: • Film training sessions • Analyze game film • Share locker room stories Then, follow the standard brand-building playbook.


Here’s a playbook for coaches and consultants: 1) Find your first clients. 2) As you work with them, you’ll find to the common problems. 3) Scale your knowledge by creating an information product. People will pay-up for well-packaged information. Learn. Build. Sell. Repeat.


Writing online is the seed of entrepreneurship. It teaches you how to clarify your ideas, make them useful, and distribute them to an audience. Same skills as building a business.


Easy way to make life more interesting: spend more time making things. I call this "Production Mode." Some ideas: 1. Write a story 2. Record a song 3. Paint a painting By activating the mind, production makes the world pop.


You know you’re onto something interesting when the essay you’re writing starts to drive you insane


Here’s how I run my online course: 1) Most courses are self-paced. Mine is live. 2) Most courses are easy and relaxed. Mine is hard and intense. 3) Most courses are solo experiences. Mine is a social one — built to create lifelong friendships. Re-inventing online education.

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