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Here's what I've learned about launching online products. 1. Give tons of free stuff away. The Internet rewards people who teach. Share your best ideas for free, and you will attract an audience of like-minded people. Build an audience before you launch your first product.


The fastest way to get free marketing for your business is to share your strategy and tell people what you’re working on


My 5 Rules for Networking: 1. Smile 2. Laugh 3. Built friendships, not contacts. 4. Help the other person before you ask them to help you. 5. When in doubt, stay home. Most networking is a waste of time. Read, write and share your ideas online instead.


I love when exceptional people explain their worldview. Examples: 1) Warren Buffett’s annual letters 2) Jeff Bezos’ letters to shareholders 3) George Soros’ speeches on the theory of reflexivity and fallibility Learn as much as you can. Then share your best ideas in public.


Writing is a superpower. Step 1: Learn about your favorite obscure topic. Step 2: Write about it. Step 3: Share your writing online. Then, hundreds of interesting people from around the world will contact you. And some will become your best friends.


Create your own luck by writing online. Tell people what you’re working on, be open about your goals, and teach others what you learn.


Writing online 101. ∙ Build your audience by teaching. ∙ Publish every week. ∙ Write on your own website. ∙ Write about what excites you. ∙ Share your best ideas. ∙ Aim to write unlike anybody else. ∙ The Internet rewards clarity. ∙ Turn off the Internet when you write.


Modern networking: Make things, write about ideas, and tell people what you're working on.


The Internet rewards people who learn in public.


If you want to see the future of marketing, study YouTubers. Three lessons: 1) Collaborations are an efficient way to grow your audience. 2) Audiences are drawn to enthusiasm like moths to a flame. 3) The internet rewards people who are prolific. Publish consistently.


School: Learn in private, follow the syllabus, and write for the teacher. Real-life: Learn in public, follow your curiosity, and write for a global audience.


Take the energy you put into group chats and spend that time writing in public instead.


Every time you share an idea on the Internet, robots carry them around the globe until they find your future friends — and they basically work for free


Opportunity is everywhere. Learn as much as you can, and share the best of what you learn in public. Companies need writers. Companies need designers. Companies need engineers. Publish your learnings, so the Internet can create opportunities for you.


Teach in public and you won't have to wait for credentials to become an expert.


Knowledge is like food. You can't just consume it. You have to digest it. Instead of reading more books, get more from the books you're already reading. Low-hanging fruit: 1. Start a book club 2. Share your notes publicly 3. Write an essay about your favorite book


Online marketing in three words: Teach, don't sell. Learn as much as you can. Then, share the best things you learn for free.


One way to become lucky. Share what you’re working on! 1) First, share what you’ve learned. 2) Second, share what you’re working on — so people can help you. Do it with a monthly newsletter or an annual review. By writing online, you can create your own serendipity.


Old-school creativity: Wait for a creative vision and wait to publish until your idea is perfect. New-school creativity: Learn in public, publish all the time, and double-down on what sticks.


People love watching others build in public. Work hard, share what you learn, and attract an audience of passionate supporters. One of the best career moves you can make.


People write books because it’s the most socially acceptable way to promote yourself. The world’s best business card.


Learning in public is the business card of the future


People love to talk about compound interest on their investments, but the same principle applies to writing in public. Every year, your ideas can spread and grow in value at a faster and faster rate.


Three ways for remote workers to shine: 1) Purchase a selfie light: Add light to your face so people can see you. 2) Dark background: Sit against a dark backdrop so the camera isn't over-exposed. 3) Learn to write: Remote workers communicate less by voice, and more with words.


In our age of information abundance, access to knowledge is rarely a competitive advantage. Share your best ideas. Building an audience will do more for your career than keeping ideas to yourself.


Sharing your ideas in public is the best way to leverage your thinking. Once you create something, your ideas take on a life of their own. People can build upon them and access your best thinking 24/7, 365 days per year.


A formula for making yourself luckier. Luck = How much value you create x How many people you tell about it. Improve the world. Then share everything you learn. Rise, repeat.


The top creators on the Internet are prolific and unapologetically themselves. Find a small, but growing niche. Then, learn everything you can, and share the best of what you learn.


Thoughts on marketing: 1) Social media gets the attention, but email is the secret weapon. 2) Live video workshops are the fastest way to build a relationship with a future customer. 3) The more people share your ideas, the lower your marketing costs. Organic marketing works.


Rules for marketing my writing school: 1) Write every day: The Internet rewards people who are prolific. 2) Attract stellar people: Write for the world’s smartest, kindest, and most ambitious people. 3) Word-of-mouth: Do things that are fun to talk about. That’s basically it.


How to attract more career opportunities: 1) Raise your ambitions. 2) Tell others about your goals by writing online. Smart people want to help people who are working on hard and important problems. Think big.


Two-steps to improve the quality of your work. Step 1: Share your work in public. Step 2: Sell your best work. The free market is the best learning machine ever invented.


People are hungry for quality information, and the mainstream media isn't giving it to them. If you can consistently share quality information, a massive audience is waiting for you. Start publishing.


Write tweets that people want to binge read. When people land on your profile, they will scroll your feed to decide if they should follow you. The more your tweets stay relevant, the more people will follow you.


Opportunities arise when the world flips. • Our parents told us not to post online. Now personal brands are an asset. • Global shipping used to be expensive. Now it’s cheap. • Before phones, long-distance communication was expensive. Now it’s free. Keep your eyes open.


Do anything online and you'll hear a constant stream of reactions. Some positive, some negative. But we overweigh the negatives. We hear the 5 criticisms, not the 1,000 Thank You's. Writing in public is less of a physical challenge and more of an emotional one.

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