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Dear Brands, Create rituals. Send a daily email, publish a weekly podcast, or host an annual meetup. Rituals are the secret behind many great brands. By being consistent and predictable, they create customer loyalty.


How to build an online brand: Create your own territory. 1) Pick a unique intersection of ideas. 2) Start writing about it. 3) Add some style and personality. Best of all, there is unlimited territory on the Internet. A global audience is waiting for you. Start writing.


THE PARADOX OF SPECIFICITY On the internet, the narrower your brand, the more opportunities come to you. The internet is best matching tool ever invented. Pick an niche. Learn all about it. Share what you learn by writing online. And watch your life improve.


Great brands are built by being consistently good, not by being great some of the time.


I have an idea for athletes. Sports won’t be back for a while, so athletes should use this downtime to build their own media companies. Some ideas: • Film training sessions • Analyze game film • Share locker room stories Then, follow the standard brand-building playbook.


If you’re starting an online business, establish your own category. 1) Find your competitive edge. 2) Pick an industry without strong competitors where you can differentiate yourself. 3) Build your name by publishing the best of what you learn. Brand-building 101.


If I was a professional athlete, I’d hire a full-time team to grow my personal brand so I can build a collection of businesses once I retire


Opportunities arise when the world flips. • Our parents told us not to post online. Now personal brands are an asset. • Global shipping used to be expensive. Now it’s cheap. • Before phones, long-distance communication was expensive. Now it’s free. Keep your eyes open.


Measure the quality of a brand by the amount of user-generated content you see about it.

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