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Highly creative people have opposing personality traits. They are nerds and athletes. They are vulnerable and confident. They are open-minded and closed-minded. The spring of creative potential is watered with contradictions.


Here's a crazy theory: Alcohol is a social technology for trustworthiness. We get drunk with people to see how they act when they lose some control. They reveal themselves once they've had a few drinks because their powers of deception are inhibited.


People hate on narcissism but it might be the driving force behind entrepreneurship


If you’re an online creator, being weird and having even weirder interests is one of the biggest advantages you can have. There’s no competition.


Enthusiasm is my favorite character trait. It's the opposite of "cool." But it makes the world come alive.


The day you embrace your misbehaving mind is the day you become a creative


History doesn’t repeat itself but human behavior always does


Important lesson from teaching an online course: Compliments transform behavior. Compliments light people up. They inspire us to work harder and take action. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Compliments are an easy way to make the world a better place.


A cheat code for brainstorming ideas... People under-estimate how much behavior changes when you go from a little friction to ZERO friction. Boom. There's your edge.

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