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Writing online is a superpower. The Internet rewards people with obscure interests. Writing online will help you find other like-minded hobbyists who you wouldn’t be able to find in real-life.


Unpopular opinion: Too many people praise “learning.” MAKING things is a better use of time. Building an audience around your interests is THE cheat code. Write articles. Record videos. Publish podcasts. Plus, making things will make you learn faster anyways.


If you want to write more, I have some ideas for you. If you're stuck, write a summary. Summarize long books and complicated papers. By doing so, you’ll learn fast and attract a smart audience of readers.


Online education is growing fast. It's harder to sell a course than build one: The top online schools are run by people with the largest audiences, not necessarily the best teachers. But building an audience trains you to teach.


Own your distribution. If you write online, focus on these two platforms: 1) Email 2) Websites Invest in the long-term.


This is the age of one-person media companies. Here’s the business model: • Build an email list. • Grow your list with free content. • Monetize with a subscription. • Fans pay for podcasts, ask-me-anything episodes, and behind-the-scenes videos. Small teams. Big margins.


Advice to every online creator: own your distribution. Build a simple personal website. Then, create an email list and ask people to subscribe. Email is — by far — the best place to build an audience.


A three-step process to starting an online business: 1) Build an audience. 2) Build a product for your audience. 3) Scale the business with plug-and-play software instead of hiring people. The audience comes first. The product, second. I've seen hundreds of people do this.


Here's what I've learned about launching online products. 1. Give tons of free stuff away. The Internet rewards people who teach. Share your best ideas for free, and you will attract an audience of like-minded people. Build an audience before you launch your first product.


Summarizing academic papers is the fastest way to build an online audience. Three steps: 1) Build a website. 2) Launch an email list. 3) Publish one summary every day. Do it every day for one year and your life will never be the same.


You used to build an product. Then you’d build an audience. Now you build an audience. Then you build a product.


Old: Build a product, then an audience. New: Build an audience, then a product. Entrepreneurs with organic reach can launch and test their products without paid media. The creators of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


How to build an audience: Start with one platform and absolutely crush it there. Focus first, diversify later.


Writing is a superpower. Step 1: Learn about your favorite obscure topic. Step 2: Write about it. Step 3: Share your writing online. Then, hundreds of interesting people from around the world will contact you. And some will become your best friends.


My career is driven by one insight. Writing on the internet give you massive leverage. Here’s why: Demand for quality content far exceeds the supply of it. Sharing ideas attracts kind and intelligent people. Some will become business partners. And others, lifelong friends.


What would a 6-month curriculum for knowledge workers look like? Here’s an idea: • Build a note-taking system • Learn to write • Build a personal website • Nail the basics of design • Make “inbox zero” a habit Write well, build an audience, learn to organize your ideas.


To future entrepreneurs: start writing online. No matter what kind of company you want to start, it pays to have a smart and targeted audience. Writing will help you build credibility, meet investors, and find future co-founders. Invest in your future


Building a community is as much about repelling the wrong people as it is about attracting the right ones


A well-written sentence can change your life. With the stroke of a pen, you can build your network, improve your thinking, and create opportunities for yourself. Best of all, it's easy to start writing. All you need is discipline. Learn to write.


As a creator, it is your job to find your audience — not your audience’s job to find you


If you want to start a business, writing online is the best way to start. Writing online makes marketing easier. The people who read your writing now will become your customers in the future. An audience will speed up your path to profitability.


The school I want to build: 1) Start writing 2) Build an online audience 3) Start a company in your niche Graduate once you have a profitable business.


I now have 25,000 email subscribers. My tips for growing your list: • Write on your own website • Add lead magnets to your site • Make subscribing easy • Publish emails consistently • Add social proof to lead magnets And the obvious one... write emails that people enjoy.


Easy way to build an online following: 1) Read lots of academic papers. 2) Summarize them. Academic papers are so hard to read. But the best ones are loaded with wisdom and surprising research. By publishing summaries, you‘ll learn fast and attract an intelligent audience.


Consider building a website. Some things to think about: ∙ Add a start here page ∙ Write 3-5 essays on the topic you know best ∙ Give readers a way to contact you ∙ Keep the style simple, and let the ideas speak ∙ Make it easy for people to sign up for your email list


Writing online is networking for introverts. Instead of chasing the best people, you can have the best people come to you. Skip the conferences. Publish your best ideas instead.


If you want to see the future of marketing, study YouTubers. Three lessons: 1) Collaborations are an efficient way to grow your audience. 2) Audiences are drawn to enthusiasm like moths to a flame. 3) The internet rewards people who are prolific. Publish consistently.


How Online Course Marketing Works Start with an audience: Online education is a marketing business. The success of your course depends on the quality of your audience.


Students spend their entire lives writing only for their teachers. Not for family. Not for friends. Not for strangers. From kindergarten to college, good grades are their only motivation to write. It’s like talking to one person for 20 years. No wonder kids don’t like writing.


Forget about the size of your audience. Write for the smartest people in the world, the ones who can unlock opportunities with a single email.


Facts about writing on the internet: 1. It takes time to build an audience. That’s why it’s so valuable. 2. The most interesting people you meet will find you online. 3. People over estimate the short-term benefits of writing but under-estimate the long-term benefits.


How to build an online brand: Create your own territory. 1) Pick a unique intersection of ideas. 2) Start writing about it. 3) Add some style and personality. Best of all, there is unlimited territory on the Internet. A global audience is waiting for you. Start writing.


Write before you're an expert on a subject. Writing forces you to clarify your ideas and motivates you to accelerate your learning. By sharing what you learn, you'll attract experts who will share their knowledge with you. The more you publish, the faster you'll learn.


When writing, it’s easier to build an audience when you create a world. Some ways to do that: • Add characters • Coin unique phrases • Create your own slang • Reference previous essays • Invent rituals Readers become fans when they feel like part of a special tribe.


Investment memos are a 10/10 marketing strategy. • Teaching is an excellent way to build trust with current and future customers. • Transparency attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones. Warren Buffett has been writing yearly letters since 1965. Brilliant.


Why I write long-form essays: 1) Writing sharpens my thinking. 2) To attract the most intellectually curious people in the world — and learn from them. 3) To build deep relationships with readers, some of whom will become lifelong friends. Long-form is my favorite format.


Tweets build relationships. Tweetstorms build followers. Email subscribers build businesses.


The online creator playbook. ∙ Grow your audience on social media. ∙ Deepen the relationship via email. ∙ Build trust with a podcast. ∙ Monetize the masses with a subscription. ∙ Sell a course to your most engaged fans. ∙ Coaching and consulting for your best fans.


If you want to start writing, but don’t want to be judged, write under a pseudonym. Build your audience in secret. Share your identity once you’re comfortable. Writing is a superpower, so don’t let excuses stop you.


On the Internet, people want to follow people — not brands.


Summaries of articles I’ve published recently: 1) We are entering a golden age of bootstrapped entrepreneurship. 2) Big Western cities are killing themselves with bad housing policy. 3) You used to build a product, then an audience. Now you build an audience, then a product.


The Internet rewards people who are different. If you want to build an audience, write about things other people aren’t writing about. You don’t need to be the world’s best writer. But you should try to be unique.


Writing online without building an email list is like playing Monopoly, passing Go, and not collecting $200


Calling it now. Tomorrow’s productivity blogs will be video-based. Remote work is exploding. Young people are increasingly comfortable on camera. A handful of knowledge workers will build massive audiences by open-sourcing their workflow. Watch this space.


Writing online teaches you entrepreneurship because the skills you need to build an audience are the skills you need to build a business


People love watching others build in public. Work hard, share what you learn, and attract an audience of passionate supporters. One of the best career moves you can make.


If you want more people to read your writing, choose under-rated topics. Here are two ideas: 1) Write about a cult-like topic that die-hard fans want to learn more about. 2) Share a unique twist on a popular subject, such as an under-explored division in a Fortune 500 company.


Ignore the average and write for your most passionate readers


Big opportunity for people to open-source their creative process. ∙ Writers: show people how you write essays. ∙ Musicians: show people how you make music. ∙ Designers: show people how you make logos. Creatives build an audience. Fans have fun learning. Everybody wins.


Write an FAQ section for your website. Don't answer the same emails over and over again. Instead, write down the most common questions and answer them in depth. Then publish your answers on your site. You'll save yourself time, build your audience, and help everybody learn.

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