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Let’s set the record straight. Attention spans aren’t falling. Opportunity costs are just rising. Big, big difference. People love long, in-depth content. But it needs to be really, really good.


There are two ways to have brilliant ideas: 1) The hard way: Try to come up with all the ideas yourself. 2) The easy way: Read books. Most problems can be solved with focused attention and a book. Books are a cheat code. Do the easy thing. Read books.


Save money on marketing by teaching your customers instead of buying their attention


I've learned a lot from Peter Thiel. In particular, I admire his ability to bet on people. He surrounds himself with driven people with bold beliefs about the world. Then, he empowers them with money, attention, and encouragement. The ultimate node in a network of ambition.


The best way to keep somebody's attention is to surprise them. Once you're predictable, you're boring.


Masters work with less information, not more. • Painters see the essence of an object. • Investors focus on needle-moving variables. Information is nearly-infinite, and masters know which variables to pay attention to. Masters of attention.


Product subscriptions give you recurring revenue. Email subscriptions give you recurring attention.


The most successful people I know seem to have unlimited energy. They can work for days and days on end. When they get tired, they shift their attention instead of taking long breaks. Work, learn, write. Repeat.


Companies pay millions of dollars for the attention you get for free by writing online.


Society no longer believes in the liberal arts, so it’s a great place to turn your attention.


Marketing 101: Benefits first, features second. People want to know what your product can do for them. If your product promise is interesting, people will give you their attention. Save the specifics for later.


Write for a reader who can click away at any second. A reader who is distracted. A reader who is stressed out about work. A reader who has a million things to read and still isn’t sure your article is worth their attention. Because it’s true. That’s your average reader.


Thoughts on marketing: 1) Social media gets the attention, but email is the secret weapon. 2) Live video workshops are the fastest way to build a relationship with a future customer. 3) The more people share your ideas, the lower your marketing costs. Organic marketing works.


Online writing is not like regular writing. Here’s how: You have to be different. You’re competing for attention against all the information on the Internet. You don’t just write to share information. You write to attract outstanding people. An incredible skill to have.

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