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The best productivity tips are the simple ones: - Eliminate distractions - Create a routine and stick to it - Make a checklist at the start of the day - Break big tasks down into small parts - Set firm deadlines Fancy apps are a distraction. Nail the basics first.


Note-taking apps aren’t valuable because they help you save ideas. They’re valuable because they help you find ideas you forgot you saved in the first place.


Businesses I'd start if I had the time: 1) A writing app that actually helps people write. Right now, the top writing apps sell because they're simple. But I want to make one that's helpful. 2) A marketplace for writers to meet intelligent editors who double as writing coaches.


Products that should exist: 1) A spaced-repetition learning platform that’s fun to use. 2) Writing software to decrease confusion, increase interestingness, and 10x writing speed. 3) Wearable health tracker with fast feedback loops to provide preventative care for everybody.


Unpopular opinion: I like paying for digital apps. If you’re gonna do anything ambitious, you’re going to need customer support. Good customer service saves you tons of time. The value of time saved far exceeds the cost of the app. When in doubt, pay for the app.


Idea: Show notes for conversations. The app listens to your conversations, and curates a list of links mentioned, people referenced, and books recommended. Monetize with advertising or subscription revenue. Free version for consumers. Paid version for businesses.

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