David Perell

David Perell

"The Writing Guy". He tweet about business, online learning, and Internet writing.

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#future self

You can tell a lot about who you want to become by the people who make you jealous


Long-form writing is my single favorite medium. Most people don’t read long-form writing, but the most curious readers — the ones you want to have — absolutely love it. It’s a classic example of aggregate statistics misleading people. Write for the extremes, not the averages.

#personal finance

In the future, schools will pay students to attend in exchange for long-term financial upside


Courage is not the elimination of fear. It’s taking action in the face of fear.


The more open-ended the job, the more it pays


If you write online, name your ideas. Make them memorable by making them concrete. It’s hard to know what will stick, so name everything and double down on the ideas people use most in casual conversation.


Free business idea: Job boards for influencers. Influencers have big audiences of like-minded people. They attract job seekers, but don’t want to manage technical stuff. Build software. Run customer service. Beatiful design is the cherry on top. Very profitable business too.

#nature / humans

Law of nature: No matter how much time you have for a project, you’ll be cramming at the end


Information is food. The similarities: 1) Choosing what to avoid is as important as choosing what to consume. 2) Fasting has proven health benefits. 3) Just as you'll improve your food diet if you start cooking, you'll improve your information diet if you start writing.


Perfectionism is self-deception. First, you give up on your goals and let fear win. Then you numb the pain of inaction by saying "my standards are too high."

#getting paid

Paid newsletters are over-rated: it’s grueling work, your best thinking is stuck behind a paywall, and selling products is much more profitable


Good ideas I heard today: 1) Being an investor is as close as you can get to academia in the business world. 2) Extreme pessimism and extreme optimism paradoxically converge to doing nothing. 3) The key to a successful partnership is shared values and complementary skillsets.


My beliefs about work: 1) If you want to be prolific, you need to creative time as sacred. 2) If you count learning, I work way more than 40 hours per week. If you don’t, I work way less. 3) The economy is way, way bigger than you think. There’s opportunity everywhere.


Highly creative people have opposing personality traits. They are nerds and athletes. They are vulnerable and confident. They are open-minded and closed-minded. The spring of creative potential is watered with contradictions.


Dear Brands, Create rituals. Send a daily email, publish a weekly podcast, or host an annual meetup. Rituals are the secret behind many great brands. By being consistent and predictable, they create customer loyalty.