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Building a portfolio of small bets. Quarter-time with Gumroad. Building userbase.com. Creator on dvassallo.gumroad.com. Ask me anything at daniel@hey.com.

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Imagine thinking that having fun is a waste of time.


Before you start thinking about building an audience, you need to build some credibility. People will only listen if you've demonstrated some credibility on the topic.


Start conservative, not optimistic. If you think the odds of success are low, keep thinking until you find an almost sure bet. Eventually (when you can't stop winning), you can take a few speculative shots. But do this too soon, and it will destroy your motivation.


Working hard: - Maximize the time spent working. - Minimize the time spent doing anything else. Working smart: - Optimize the time spent working. - Maximize the time spent thinking.


One of the benefits of self-employment is the liberty to think without having to justify the lack of visible progress.


Opportunity is perishable. If you can’t afford to stop and think, you’re going to miss your opportunities. And to benefit from luck, you must first recognize luck. When an opportunity emerges, you can’t just put it on the shelf. Be ready to abandon the plan, and adjust course.


These days I spend about half an hour a day thinking about what I'd do if I lost everything. It's a wonderful exercise to appreciate what you already have. In the past I used to want more. Now I just want to try to preserve some of what I already have.

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