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Building a portfolio of small bets. Quarter-time with Gumroad. Building userbase.com. Creator on dvassallo.gumroad.com. Ask me anything at daniel@hey.com.

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A barbell strategy for starting an indie business: 1. Find a low-stress job that pays the bills and leaves you with some spare time & energy. 2. Use your spare time & energy to do whatever you want, without being beholden to anyone, and without risking anything consequential.


If you manage to build a business that you can operate at a very low cost (including your time), you almost cannot fail. Worst case scenario is a slow success.


Starting a business is a good cause. If strangers are voluntarily giving you their hard earned money (and not regretting it), you’re helping. Both yourself and others. It’s marvelous!


Serial entrepreneurs like to create businesses. Portfolio entrepreneurs like to run businesses. (Creating them is a means to an end.) You get a huge advantage in business if you learn what you really like doing.


A few things you can do for audience building: - Share your knowledge (actions + results, consequences) - Reveal behind the scenes (business decisions, financial details) - Entertain (jokes, memes) - Share a journey as it happens (starting a business, creating something)


Doing business is nothing but a conjecture that an idea might work. Don’t attach your self-worth to the outcome.


Starting a business because of an all-burning passion for the domain is like getting high on your own supply. It will likely cloud your judgment, and lead you to imprudent risks. You need to enjoy doing the work, but you probably shouldn't pursue it with desperation.


My barbell attitude to risk taking: On one hand, extreme risk aversion with things that can jeopardize my ability to stay self-employed. On the other hand, highly speculative bets with my business, which expose me to unlimited upside. No middle.

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