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Building a portfolio of small bets. Quarter-time with Gumroad. Building userbase.com. Creator on dvassallo.gumroad.com. Ask me anything at daniel@hey.com.

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Peg your self-worth to something you don’t control, and you become its slave.


If you cannot make yourself leave some money on the table (once the basics are covered), you’ve become addicted to the pursuit of income maximization. You’re not in charge of your destiny anymore, and you’ll go where the money is, at all costs. It’s tragic.


If you don’t feel like doing something, there’s likely a very good reason for your reluctance. Not always, but almost always. Embrace your internal resistance. Use it as a guide to find your true preferences.


Some people like to imagine themselves taking a huge risk and emerging triumphant against all odds. I prefer discovering non-obvious easy wins, where the odds are stacked in my favor, and the risk is not consequential.


The weekend is a good time to take stock of your means: your skills, your connections, your free time, your experience, your location, your perspective, your interests, your strengths, etc. Then try to use what you have to design a lifestyle that better matches your preferences.


When you work for yourself, you don’t get your performance review from your peers. You get it from your accountant. In fact, not even from the accountant you have today, but from the one you’ll have 10 years from now. When we’re independent, it is time that becomes our judge.

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