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Building a portfolio of small bets. Quarter-time with Gumroad. Building userbase.com. Creator on dvassallo.gumroad.com. Ask me anything at daniel@hey.com.

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"I know a lot about X. How do I monetize my knowledge?" There are many ways, but I'm only familiar with one: Give away everything you know for free. Then wait for people to start asking you questions. It's the questions that tend to reveal the monetization opportunity.


"How do I promote my products?" There's many ways, but I only know one: Promote yourself. Make yourself known. The rest will happen almost automatically.


Build an audience by evoking FOMO. If they don't follow you, they might miss a valuable lesson, or a big opportunity, or some life-changing inspiration. Put stuff out there that evokes FOMO, and they will come.


A few things you can do for audience building: - Share your knowledge (actions + results, consequences) - Reveal behind the scenes (business decisions, financial details) - Entertain (jokes, memes) - Share a journey as it happens (starting a business, creating something)


Showing up is important. Maybe it’s a requirement. But it’s definitely not enough. Lots of people showed up consistently, and still failed. The universe also needs to align with you.


The only way to do business on social media is this: Give x 100 And only then, Ask (to visit your website, to buy your product, to vote in your poll, to join your newsletter, to answer your question, etc). Both the order & frequency matter.


If you don't look forward to check your phone notifications every morning, you're not yet positioned to benefit from luck. You need to find a way to make random opportunities find you. And lots of them. Go build some exposure to good fortune. Make yourself known.


Want to build a professional network from scratch? Share what you already have. You don't need to create anything. Just put online what you've already created, discovered, or learned. If you share useful stuff online, a network of people will spontaneously form around you.


Someone asked me if I consider making my business metrics public. I really like being transparent. But I still want to choose what to show and when to show it. I fear that making metrics public may corrupt my freedom to do what I really want (to not make the metric look bad).

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