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Building a portfolio of small bets. Quarter-time with Gumroad. Building userbase.com. Creator on dvassallo.gumroad.com. Ask me anything at daniel@hey.com.

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"I know a lot about X. How do I monetize my knowledge?" There are many ways, but I'm only familiar with one: Give away everything you know for free. Then wait for people to start asking you questions. It's the questions that tend to reveal the monetization opportunity.


If you manage to get 1 MILLION people to visit your website every day, you will average 11.5 visits per second. You can likely serve all that traffic from a default node server running on a $100/mo host. Scalability is an overrated property. Watch out what you give up for it.


You don’t have to wait until you have a product to start promoting. You already have yourself. Promote yourself. Try to get people to follow you. I can assure you that getting followers is much easier than getting people to pay you.


Chances are you can teach me something I'd be willing to pay $50 for. And the internet can help you find thousands of people like me.


Before you start thinking about building an audience, you need to build some credibility. People will only listen if you've demonstrated some credibility on the topic.


Strangers will only read your content if they think it will benefit them, period. If you want to grow your audience, work backwards from that fact. Less about you, more about them.


“Why build an audience?” It’s an asset. Instead of paying for attention, people give it to you. When you announce something, you get direct feedback and your audience will help you spread the word. You won’t have to rely on others (press, forums, etc) to get the word out.


Build an audience by evoking FOMO. If they don't follow you, they might miss a valuable lesson, or a big opportunity, or some life-changing inspiration. Put stuff out there that evokes FOMO, and they will come.


When you have an audience, you get free market research. The information comes in the form of questions.


A few things you can do for audience building: - Share your knowledge (actions + results, consequences) - Reveal behind the scenes (business decisions, financial details) - Entertain (jokes, memes) - Share a journey as it happens (starting a business, creating something)


The most important thing you need to build an audience is some credibility on a topic of your choosing. And the best way to earn that credibility isn't by listing your credentials and work experience, but by doing something interesting in real life, and then describe it to us.


Want to build a professional network from scratch? Share what you already have. You don't need to create anything. Just put online what you've already created, discovered, or learned. If you share useful stuff online, a network of people will spontaneously form around you.


There are sites where people keep refreshing the page waiting for interesting stories to show up. If you're just starting out, these are the best places to earn some credibility and start building your audience. Go where the people are, and give them something interesting.


Getting people to know you is a competitive advantage. All important things being equal, people prefer doing business with someone they know (even if a little bit). And others can copy your product, but nobody can copy you.

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