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Entrepreneur & investor. Ex-CPO, Tinder. Architect of the top grossing app. Investor @SpaceX @Lyft @AngelList @NotionHQ @Airtable & many more...

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You don't hire talented people to tell them what to do. You hire talented people to tell you what to do.


You first 10 years of work are a journey to find the the people you want to work with for the next 50.


Work with people that make arguing enjoyable.


I’ve never met a good product person who didn’t want anything but absolutely brutal feedback on their work


Don’t do a better job than the competition, do what the competition can’t do.


Competency will make you a living. Creativity will make you rich.


We are quickly moving toward a world where remote work will just be called work


Bureaucrats hate simplicity because it makes their work irrelevant.


You can learn more about a product manager by analyzing their work in version 1.1 rather 1.0 The second release truly separates the good from the great


The future of work: -fully distributed teams -small tribes of creatives working in high intensity batches (co-located in non office settings) -persistent connection site & sound tools culminating in a full VR -further improved real-time translation tools -hologram style meetings


If you aren’t the harshest critic of a your own work someone else will be.


Pre-remote most work was theatre.


Once you work with a brilliant designer you can’t go back.


The most important lesson learned working with artists is creativity is not on-demand, linear, or to be planned for in a roadmap. Listen & learn what conditions captured the brilliance. Trust the creative. Give them space. Create process for feedback. It’s art not business.


If it looks like work, people will treat it like work If it looks like a toy, people will play with it


Work for your customer not your company.


How an organization exits team members tells you more than how they hire.


The most fundamental realization I’ve had working with world class design talent is creativity is not on-demand nor predictable. You can’t expect beautiful work in any sort of linear pattern. Get comfortable with the ambiguous nature of it all. Guide but don’t force.


If you don’t wince at old work, you aren’t pushing far enough.


Remote killed the whiteboard.


Monotonous tasks are nature’s gift to creative people.


Putting work down is more important than picking it up.

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