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Entrepreneur & investor. Ex-CPO, Tinder. Architect of the top grossing app. Investor @SpaceX @Lyft @AngelList @NotionHQ @Airtable & many more...

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Startups are hard, try to avoid: -living with your team -conferences -delaying equity convos -raising $ from non seasoned investors -schwag -business advice from lawyers -endless coffee meetings -decompressing w/ social media -not sleeping -equity grants to trophy advisors


Avoid making food decisions when hungry. Avoid making product decisions when desperate.


Startups are neither marathons nor sprints. Startups are marathons with intermittent sprints.


Startups are a personal discovery engine.


People are incredibly forgiving about what your product doesn't have as long as you have that one great thing


Anywhere there is an inability, apathy, or unwillingness to put the customer first is an opportunity for a startup.


Growth companies are as much about destruction as they are growth. Every step along the ladder of growth firms must destroy process, destroy design, destroy product, destroy teams, destroy cultural norms, destroy narrative. Destruction is an integral function of growth.


Better product not more product.


Startups that play defense lose.


The most important thing you can do pre-launch is use your product daily. Nothing comes remotely close to the insights you will generate.


Product is always better in your hand than in your head.


Every day at a startup is day zero.


How to create a crappy product: -fire up a committee -build what the loudest customers want -continually test your way into the right answer -start with a hypothesis of how said product maps to a business objective -create a shared ownership structure -build without true fear


Big companies want to act like startups. Startups want to act like big companies. Both are flawed.


You can’t have a great product without having enemies


The most fundamental realization I’ve had working with world class design talent is creativity is not on-demand nor predictable. You can’t expect beautiful work in any sort of linear pattern. Get comfortable with the ambiguous nature of it all. Guide but don’t force.


If people start hacking your product for personal enjoyment, status or money it’s a very strong signal.


Great businesses never start out looking like anything other than weird insights.


If there are no major changes to your product roadmap along the path to public release then something has gone terribly wrong.


If a user whispers, listen. If a user screams, walk away. If a user says nothing, cry.


Nothing about product is deterministic except the vision.

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