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Entrepreneur & investor. Ex-CPO, Tinder. Architect of the top grossing app. Investor @SpaceX @Lyft @AngelList @NotionHQ @Airtable & many more...

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Your product should be a reflection of you. An expression of your beliefs, experiences and dreams. If it isn’t, either you are building for someone else or even worse, to be like someone you are not. Let your spirit shine through your product.


Your ability to clearly imagine the world not how it is today but how it could be is the greatest entrepreneurial skill.


Hang out with people of all ages. Young. Old. Those in the middle. You’ll be surprised how much perspective the variance brings.


If it looks like work, people will treat it like work If it looks like a toy, people will play with it


A great product can eliminate the perception of time.


The smartest people in our industry are routinely wrong about people, companies and trends. Factor that into your decision making process.


The perception of speed is as important as speed itself.


To see the world for it is, not what it was, is a superpower.


A product you built is far more meaningful than a product you bought.


I am starting to see greatness in people, most of whom I don’t know.

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