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Entrepreneur & investor. Ex-CPO, Tinder. Architect of the top grossing app. Investor @SpaceX @Lyft @AngelList @NotionHQ @Airtable & many more...

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Own a business or be owned by a business.


People buy stories not products.


Behaviors that are rewarded in the corporate world will destroy your next startup.


What do blazing technology equity growth stocks like Netflix, Spotify and Tinder all have in common? Subscription first business models that millennials prefer every-day-of-week versus ads A changing of the guard is in effect


Lots of great products are poor businesses. Lots of poor products are great businesses. Rest assured, the gap is closing fast.


Products that people use purely instinctively — without thinking — are the most powerful.


Not enough companies employ humor as a selling tool. Admittedly, making people laugh isn’t easy but when you get it right people don’t forget the brand.


Big companies want to act like startups. Startups want to act like big companies. Both are flawed.


Want to see a company that wasn’t an accident? Analyze their alumni network.


The challenge is the opportunity


Great businesses never start out looking like anything other than weird insights.


The only certain way to stay close to the customer is to be the customer.


Satisfy those near and those far will come.


When no one questions the demand side of a market, it’s usually a signal of spectacularly massive market.

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