Brian Norgard

Brian Norgard

Entrepreneur & investor. Ex-CPO, Tinder. Architect of the top grossing app. Investor @SpaceX @Lyft @AngelList @NotionHQ @Airtable & many more...

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#company productivity

Want to see a company that wasn’t an accident? Analyze their alumni network.


A great product is one where the perceived value when it is not in use is greater then when it is.


The first question to ask before developing a new feature should be, “Is the additional complexity worth it?”


The top angel investors are the least fearful of losing their money.


How an organization exits team members tells you more than how they hire.


Consensus seeking creates short-term calm and long-term confusion.


If you have an opinion on everything, you have an opinion on nothing.


Product is emotion.


A key to running a successful organization is minimizing large meetings & maximizing small ones High frequency micro conversations create trust, continuity & ownership Large meetings optimize for consensus & hierarchical game play (at worse they muffle soft voices)

#status seeking

Seek acceptance or truth. Pick one.


You want to find your voice? Shut out everyone else’s.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make in product is evaluating your experience through the lens of liquidity. Nothing, not Tinder, FB, or IG was fully liquid in the early days. Avoiding the ghost town problem & directing your customer to the absolute core action is the art.


Data will tell you everything except how people feel

#angel investing

The top angel investors are the least fearful of losing their money.

#being present

One of the greatest gifts as an entrepreneur is you get to see the future in the present.