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Andrew Wilkinson quotes on venture capital

Co-founder of Tiny. Owners of Dribbble, MetaLab, and many others. Buying, starting and investing in wonderful internet businesses since 2007.

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I love how VCs criticize founders who derisk by giving themselves a market salary or taking secondary, yet none of them are willing to give up their 2% management fee.


We never had venture funding, or even access to bank debt, in the early days. Because of this, Chris and I were maniacal about keeping costs down. We'd negotiate EVERYTHING. Furniture. Credit card fees. Software. Leases. Coffee beans. Paper. You name it, we negotiated it.


Most companies aren’t venture scale and are ill suited to raise venture (can’t grow at 100%+ per year). Yet most people starting tech companies think they need to raise venture.


You should be nervous right now if your business: - Relies on a platform (FB/Google) - Relies on advertising revenue - Is burning money/venture backed - Has low gross margins or hasn’t figured out monetization


Venture: Roulette Private equity: Blackjack Bootstrapping: Poker


Way too many non-venture scale businesses raise venture and put themselves in a binary outcome: 1. Grow at all costs 2. Die trying You wouldn’t mortgage your house using credit cards. Why think of your business any differently? For most, it’s your entire net worth.

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