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Co-founder of Tiny. Owners of Dribbble, MetaLab, and many others. Buying, starting and investing in wonderful internet businesses since 2007.

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Asking a busy person if you can hop on a call and pick their brain is like asking someone you barely know to help you move.


It’s amazing how 15-20 minutes of high intensity exercise, meditation, or sauna can take me from Anxious Wreck to Chill Level 10.


It seems like every activity humans enjoy is about one thing: Creating a flow state. Quieting the mind enough to focus on a single thought or task. Less flow state = bad day More flow state = good day


The best CEOs follow The Pareto Principle: What drives 80% of the results with 20% of the effort? K.I.S.S. 💋


Outcome ≠ Effort


The best personal investments are often taking 1-2 hours to dial in automated rules in your workflow: - Creating Gmail Rules - Creating snippets for quick responses to email - Taking the time to find the right virtual assistant Those will pay off 10x a day of hard work.


One of the most valuable thinking tools is the Jobs To Be Done Framework. Who do you need to hire for your executive team? Break out your problems as jobs to be done, then create roles accordingly: - Run Payroll - Sell Ads - Driving Traffic - Manage Fulfillment Etc


I’ve come to believe that minimizing tickers and the rate at which you have to make decisions is key to happiness. Ticker = any indication of the current status of your goals/problems. Graphs. Charts. Red lines. Green lines. KPIs. Especially up to the minute, hour, or day.

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