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Co-founder of Tiny. Owners of Dribbble, MetaLab, and many others. Buying, starting and investing in wonderful internet businesses since 2007.

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It took me 15 years to learn this, but here’s how to hire people: Hire someone who has done the exact task you need completed for another company, ideally at a slightly larger scale. Make sure they jive with your team/not a jerk. Not someone with potential It’s that simple.


“Hire the best people you can and leave them alone” –Tom Murphy


How to know you’ve hired the right executive: You don’t worry about their part of the business anymore.


An underrated and often overlooked quality we *always* look for when hiring: Scrappiness. Does the person naturally keep forward momentum going when small obstacles get in their way? Do they quickly figure out best practices? Do they default to yes?


It's hard to pay someone to think like an owner.


I have never seen a management consultant (fractional CTO, strategy, etc) work out. Ever. Consultants work for management, so their goal is to make execs like them and keep them around as long as possible vs. speak truth to power regarding problems. Just hire good people.


Something I've noticed: Employees of first world companies are often opposed to hiring in the developing world (India, Asia, etc). "Outsourcing" = a boogeyman/viewed negatively, forgetting that outsourcing = Democratizing opportunity.


Your head of HR/people ops is a frequently overlooked but insanely impactful job. They have the power to: • Make or break your culture • Hire the wrong people • Misalign incentives • Over or under pay your team • Destroy your P&L Choose wisely!


I used to think recruiters were stupid. Why would I pay someone else to message people on LinkedIn. I was 100% wrong. Insane value in: 1. Delegating and incentivizing someone else to solve the problem 2. Saves 1-2 hrs per candidate of your valuable time (screening)

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