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Co-founder of Tiny. Owners of Dribbble, MetaLab, and many others. Buying, starting and investing in wonderful internet businesses since 2007.

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As a CEO, your job is actually to do nothing. CEOs who actually perform duties within their companies are failing. Your job is to set strategy and culture, delegate, and incentivize. Same goes for executives. You are just more focused mini-CEOs, who report up.


The goal of an entrepreneur should be to do nothing but route opportunities to the right people on your team. Build a system and make yourself a human router 🚏 When I get stressed at work, it’s because I’ve failed to build a system and have tasks I can’t route to someone.


How to know you’ve hired the right executive: You don’t worry about their part of the business anymore.


To a CEO with a hammer, everything looks like a nail: Sales CEO: We'll SELL our way to the goal Marketer CEO: We'll MARKET our way to the goal Product CEO: We'll FEATURE our way to the goal Finance CEO: We'll STRUCTURE our way to the goal Magic = CEO who delegates all 4 well


Delegation is the single most impactful skill you can learn as an entrepreneur. But it’s SO hard... Who wants to delegate something and have their customer get subpar product or service? It’s brutal at first 😭 Inevitably, when you delegate any new task, you get let down.


The ultimate test of whether you own a high quality business? The CEO can go on vacation for 3 months unannounced, and everything keeps on running smoothly.


Entrepreneurship is just delegation. Investing is its most extreme form.


Scale allows for delegation and a better life. It feels impossible to delegate when your total revenue is only enough to pay your own salary. And it’s scary growing rev beyond what you alone can handle, before you have a team. The entrepreneurial version of crossing the chasm.


One of the most valuable thinking tools is the Jobs To Be Done Framework. Who do you need to hire for your executive team? Break out your problems as jobs to be done, then create roles accordingly: - Run Payroll - Sell Ads - Driving Traffic - Manage Fulfillment Etc


I used to think recruiters were stupid. Why would I pay someone else to message people on LinkedIn. I was 100% wrong. Insane value in: 1. Delegating and incentivizing someone else to solve the problem 2. Saves 1-2 hrs per candidate of your valuable time (screening)


The best part of growth is that you can delegate the things you don’t like 😩 The worst part of growth is that you usually end up delegating some of what you love 👨‍🎨 In 2008, my happy place was headphones + Photoshop 🎧 I haven’t designed anything substantial in years.

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