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Co-founder of Tiny. Owners of Dribbble, MetaLab, and many others. Buying, starting and investing in wonderful internet businesses since 2007.

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Important life advice: Write shorter emails.


The #1 litmus test for whether to do business with someone: Do you feel mentally exhausted after talking to them? It can be subtle sometimes. I might even think "wow I really liked that person!" after the meeting, but notice that I feel mentally bagged...


The ultimate team productivity hack: stop talking to your team so much. Leave them alone. Let them get stuff done and solve their own problems.


My Most Hated of All Things: When people insist on calling you to deliver what could otherwise be a one sentence email.


Someone should make Twitter, except for email. Bounce any email that is more than 280 characters, unless we've emailed before. I'd pay a lot for that.


I think the efficiencies gained from people *just saying what they actually want* in a sentence or two via email vs wanting to "hop on a call" that gets scheduled weeks out could drive a step change in global GDP.


Writing direct, easy to read emails that cut right to the chase is an undervalued skill. It's just like designing a website or writing copy: Don't make me think.

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