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Magic metrics indicating a startup probably has product/market fit: 1) cohort retention curves that flatten (stickiness) 2) actives/reg > 25% (validates TAM) 3) power user curve showing a smile -- with a big concentration of engaged users (you grow out from this strong core)


Growth tips/tricks are like "Get rich fast" schemes- they promise instant results, but they don't work The real answer is painstaking iteration to get p/m fit, nailing a single growth channel, layering on over time, hiring teams and building repeatable systems Get rich slow


The new battleground for startups targeting creators: "Link in bio" It's now some of the most valuable real estate in the digital world Whoever controls the link controls the business model for the new economy that's being built


You might think consumer startups are "hits-driven" with binary outcomes, but I think that's all going to change in this gen of startups. Historically, consumer startups have been binary in the past is bc of the biz model: online ads. But few startups are pursuing this now.


Prediction: The proliferation of scout investors, solo GP funds, angels, etc - means large venture capital funds will become more diverse across all dimensions. Folks with non-standard backgrounds will prove themselves in the field and then get drafted up into GPs at top funds.


observation: Startups are embracing celebs/influencers/streamers in a big way. As biz partners, investors, and more. Why? - ad spend on FB/G is too damn expensive! Social media is key, where celebs reign supreme - signal for quality, differentiation for talent/partners/VCs


It's easy to get obsessed about defensibility and moats -- but one of my key lessons in the past year is that they can be overrated too. And cause you to overlook big opportunities. Startups in real estate/housing, micromobility, dark kitchens, etc. have this at their core.

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