Use Twitter like Elon Musk

Fabrizio Rinaldi - February 24, 2021

Imagine if, to stop you from tweeting memes all day, a personal assistant went through your whole Twitter feed, every morning.

What gems have you missed? What are the links that are going around? What is everyone tweeting about, and what did your favorite thinkers write that you shouldn't miss?

Your personal assistant would go through all of this, carefully catch the best tweets and links, leaving a concise digest on your desk with fresh orange juice in the morning.

That's how Elon probably uses Twitter, right?


Well starting today, Mailbrew works exactly this way. You can be like Elon!

Just like a billionaire, you can now let us do the work for you, and just enjoy the very best content Twitter has to offer you in a beautiful morning digest 📰

With the new Twitter sources we're launching today, you can finally sit back and relax.

So, what are these "new Twitter sources"?

Mailbrew sends you a digest every day from your favorite sources.

If you open your digest editor today, you'll find these new sources:

new twitter sources

Just log in or sign up and add our new Twitter sources to your Mailbrew digest to start getting the very best Twitter content in your inbox, on your desired schedule.

Give it a shot 👇

elon digest

Feeling rich already?

On a serious note, we've created Mailbrew to help you get rid of the noise, unplug from feeds, and consume the content you love mindfully 🍃 You can even add YouTube channels, Hacker News, any blog, newsletters, and much more to your brew.

Once your get your first digest, you'll wonder how you lived without it.

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