How to Track Twitter Mentions

Fabrizio Rinaldi - March 10, 2020

Manually searching Twitter to track social media mentions of your company, product or blog can be stressful and time consuming — but tracking Twitter mentions can help you stay ahead of the competition, improve brand awareness, and engage with your community.

For example, tracking mentions of mailbrew and on Twitter helped us launch and grow our app successfully; it's with Mailbrew itself that we receive convenient email digests with all our Twitter mentions (read on to find our how).

Understand the types of social media mentions

First of all, there are @username mentions. These are from tweets that mention your personal or company accounts directly, and are the easiest to track, since you can enable Twitter notifications to be notified as soon as you're mentioned. This is suboptimal though, because mentions are not ranked by popularity, and can be overwhelming to receive constantly.

Then there are brand mentions. These are from people that mention your company or product by name in a tweet, without explicitly mentioning you. Especially if you gain popularity, these can be extremely common and yet fly under the radar.

Finally, there are the good old hashtags. This is still a very common way that people use to refer to very popular brands and events. These are a bit easier to track than brand mentions, but also only relevant if you have a very big company or product that is widely known.

Usually, you need to keep an eye on all these kinds of mentions, but knowing the difference will help you understand how people are engaging with your company, brand or product. Monitoring Twitter is not just a plus, but an essential part of a good social strategy.

Why engaging with your brand mentions is a must in 2020

If you scroll Twitter or any other social media feed, you'll certainly understand that brands that engage with customers are stronger brands, and they're well-perceived. Companies and brands that don't monitor their Twitter mentions are "blind" to the power of social media.

Before launching Mailbrew, for example, our tool to create automated email digests to stay on top of your favorite topics, we were already monitoring Twitter mentions (with Mailbrew itself) and knew exactly what people were saying about us, if they wanted to jump on the beta, or if they were excited about the launch of our product.

The best way to monitor Twitter mentions

As I said, we've built a feature in Mailbrew to create a beautiful email digest with your Twitter mentions. If you get started for free now, you'll get set up in no time.

With Mailbrew you'll be able to easily set up an email newsletter with Twitter mentions: it can contain the latest @ mentions, popular tweets with your brand or hashtags, or any other content you wish to include.

social mentions

So instead of checking multiple apps every day, you'll be able to just get your email digest and effortlessly see all your brand, company or product mentions.

Try it now for free.

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