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Fabrizio Rinaldi - March 18, 2020

To help you stay informed on the Coronavirus outbreak, today we're adding a free COVID-19 source that you can use to track the outbreak in your country, or worldwide.

If you login to Mailbrew or sign up for free today:

Since our goal with Mailbrew is to help people follow any topic without stress, easily, and on their schedule, we feel like this is an essential addition to our service.

We're based in Italy, and we've been in lock-down for more than a week now, so we're well aware of how hard it is to stay informed on this without being overwhelmed and confused by social media and even television.

We sincerely hope Mailbrew will help you stay informed, and please remember to stay home if your government is asking you to.

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The new COVID-19 source in our automated digests.

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