The best Nuzzel alternatives

Francesco Di Lorenzo - May 06, 2021

Twitter recently acquired the parent company of Nuzzel, the app loved by thousands to get the best links shared on Twitter, and unfortunately, they are shutting down the service.

This left many people that loved Nuzzel looking for a replacement and we are here to help. We compiled a list of the best alternatives that we will update as new ones appear on the market.

Contact me if there is a service that fits the description that I should include.


With Mailbrew's recent update introducing the Top Twitter Links source, you can get a very similar experience to Nuzzel's one.

Once set up, you will get an email digest every day with the top links shared by the people you follow on Twitter. Alternatively, you can set it up to deliver the links shared by people in a specific Twitter List which is useful for following news on a specific topic.

To set it up, just sign up and  create a digest adding the top Twitter links source:


TweetShelf is an interesting alternative. You log in with Twitter and it fetches the stories most shared on your timeline. It looks very similar to what Nuzzel did, but in practice, I have noticed that the way they aggregate links to the same article is buggy and tends to put tweets with unrelated links under the same story.

The service is promising though. If they fix this it is a serious contender.


Newslit lets you set up topic-based digests, but it doesn't connect with Twitter the same way Nuzzel did. It may be a nice replacement depending on how you were using Nuzzel though.


Refind is an interesting alternative. They connect with Twitter and show you articles based on the people you follow.

Their integration with Twitter is subpar compared to Nuzzel's and Mailbrew's one as they don't show you the tweets of the people that shared those articles, which was my favorite part of Nuzzel.

Intro Photo Credits: Nathan Dumlao.

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